How We Can Help
• Streamlining your business process and enhancing workflow.
• Optimising manpower planning and allocation(resources).
• Implementing projects or solutions to increase the efficiency of business operations.
• Analysing your business process and conduct process re-engineering to optimise our business flow.
• Proposing solutions and methodologies to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Integrated Approach to Productivity Measurement? In an integrated approach to productivity measurement, the various dimensions of an organisation’s operations are linked to show how each of them affects overall performance.
Productivity is critical for the long-term competitiveness and profitability of organisations. It can be effectively raised if it is managed holistically and systematically. The Integrated Management of Productivity Activities (IMPACT) framework provides a guide to how this can be done.

Some examples of productivity improvement:

  • Implementing business solutions such as CRM/ERP/POS/Inventory Management systems/Accounting payroll/ scheduling & APPS.
  • Adopting automation machinery / equipment’s and systems to improve and enhance core competencies/operations and business processes.
  • Adoption of Standards and management systems.
  • Leveraging on Technologies to improve business processes.