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Government Assistance Grants For SME’S

Enterprise development is on the top of the government’s agenda.  It has consciously crafted a pro-business, and supportive environment conducive to entrepreneurs who want to start a business here. Singapore-based start-ups can benefit from an optimal business environment, excellent infrastructure, low-tax system, lack of bureaucracy, strong legal environment, a readily available workforce.

The Singapore government has rolled out several initiatives to enable start-ups to gain access to funding. These funding initiatives include cash grants, government backed equity financing schemes, business incubator schemes, debt financing schemes, and tax incentives. This is to defray SME’s cost of implementing technology, business solutions, quality and standards and other productivity and innovation mechanisms to the business.

This guide sheds light on the various support programs that have been instituted to help Singapore start-ups gain access to funding to turn their business ideas into reality. Start-ups in Singapore have a lot to look forward to in terms of government aided financial assistance schemes. The funding initiatives instituted by various government agencies caters for both start-ups and SME’s.

Singapore is known to provide one of the best environments in the world for businesses, and there are not just grants to help start-ups, but Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) as well. Whichever type of business you are operating, you can be sure to find a grant suited to you. These grants work to help develop different aspects of your company’s growth, ranging from technology implementation to improve efficiency, human capital development and even implementing strategic business innovations.

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